Become A Volunteer

If you identify with our aims and you want to help people to improve their livelihoods, please think about volunteering with BEECause Gambia. Volunteers must be able to meet their own expenses, including insurance, flights and living costs.

Who we are looking for

We need mature, motivated, self reliant people to go to The Gambia and work on the project.  You may be a beekeeper, in which case your skills would be put to good use. But we need people with a variety of skills and bags of common sense.

BEECause is not an overseas placement agency and does not have the resources to give extensive local support but you will have a thorough briefing before you commit , and you will be part of the team. Living conditions can be challenging, particularly during the rainy season. Nevertheless, we are confident you would have a lot of fun   and a rewarding experience doing something really worthwhile.

You must be over 21 and reasonably fit, but there is no upper age limit.  Volunteer periods can be from two weeks upwards.

We aim to make the best use of the skills of the people who join us and will do our best to devise a suitable role or project.  If you think this could be you, please get in touch by emailing Peter at for more information.

What you can expect

The Gambia has two seasons. The rainy season runs from July to October inclusive. It can be very hot and humid and heavy rainstorms are frequent, especially at night. Local flooding can make getting around difficult temporarily. The rest of the year is dry and in ‘winter’ the climate is delightful, hence this is the tourist season.

Flights from Europe are operated direct to Banjul or via Dakar, in Senegal. There are far more and much cheaper flights during the tourist season.

The cost of living in The Gambia is inexpensive compared with Europe and North America.  A good variety of fresh food is generally available.  A range of accommodation can be rented, much of it simple and basic. We will help to find something suitable.  Soon we expect to be able to offer board and basic accommodation at Kumoo Kunda.

Anyone without previous experience of Africa or a developing country would be advised to obtain advice on living conditions, health, local customs etc.  Tourist guides such as that published by Thomas Cook and Lonely Planet are good sources of information.

If you are interested and would like more information about volunteering or about our work, please contact us by emailing